If you have a facebook page, you can manage and update your own web site with a content management site from ITA-Hosting.

Our aim is to make the whole process as simple and painless for you as possible. We can deliver the entire package for you - domain name, site design and hosting. We can provide you with a web site and host it regardless of where your business is located. If you have an email account, then getting information to you or from you is no problem.

What would you like to use as your domain name or www address? Usually, for South African based businesses a ‘.co.za’ name is best.

ITA-Hosting can search for and register your domain name on your behalf. You just give us some idea of what you are after and we will give you some alternatives to choose from. Don’t worry that we have control over your site address, you retain complete ownership of the name, we just register it on your behalf.

Currently, domain name registration fee for a South African (co.za) domain is R50 per year.

If you already have a domain name, that’s fine, you will just need to provide us with your domain name registry details so that your website address can be directed to your new website.

Our sites enable web site owners to easily add and update sections of site content if they want to. This a very important feature - all sites that we host and create for you have the added capability of allowing you to add news, articles and updates yourself to keep it fresh and relevant to your business. How many times have you been to a web site that hasn’t been updated for years?

Be in full control of your site and its contents with a site from ITA-Hosting.